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The Crew's Profiles
Dale "Captain" Conkel
Doug "Dougals" Conkel
Todd "Toad" Miller
Ross "Rosy" Miller
Jim "Jim-Bob" Bradley
Drake "Mighty" Christensen
Beth "Wench" Allsop
Dave Willingham
Todd Murray
Greg Baker
James Bonney
Adam Bell
Roger & Kathy Williams
Kellyn Ethington-Tolly
Tim "TimBob" Murray
Bruce “Bruceky” McMillin
Brandi Bossie-Whitson

Always Remembered
Russell (Russ) Davis

Terrence "Terry" Opdyke

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Official Site of the GJ's Crew
from the Grand Junction Pizza Parlor
between 1979 to 1987 in Dallas, Texas

2022 GJ TurkeyBowl XLII (42nd)

(Left to Right) Ross (Rosy) Miller, Pete Z, Mighty, Toad, ??, ??, ??


Thanks to Roger Williams for saving our sign.

Our Story

The story of the GJ crew starts in 1979 when a salesman named Dave decided to change directions in his career and own his own pizza restaurant. He bought the small existing restaurant called Grand Junction Pizza, Spanish Village @ Coit & Arapaho Rd, Dallas, Texas and hired very intelligent and industrious group of high school students that became the infamous GJ Crew.

The store struggled initially but with the help of our dynamic crew members turned the business into a big success. Our reign lasted 7 years.

Those years were the most exciting, fun and rewarding years of our lives. We developed a friendship that lasts to this day and we remember those bonds every year with an Annual GJ Thanksgiving Day Football Game. We are the GJ Crew and this is our story.

Sports Illustrated Article

See Rosy's article in Sports Illustrated.  Click on SI Cover page picture below:

The Story of

Grand Junction Pizza

By Dale "The Captain" Conkel

Dallas, Texas
November 15, 2006

Since 1980 this band of pizza slinging professionals has been meeting every Thanksgiving Day to play touch football. They are transformed from various professional backgrounds such as Dentist, Pension Benefits Consultant, Optometrist, Insurance Salesmen, or Computer specialists into mythical gridiron warriors.

They are in their 40's and now their children are playing too. It's a tradition that has lasted the test of time and has kept them in touch with each other all these years. They are a testimony to the fact that friends can last forever.

Working together for several years in a small pizza place called Grand Junction Pizza in Dallas, Texas these want-to-be football players went to high school together and remained friends since 1979.

Some of the players have nicknames: "Toad" , "Captain", "Rosy", "Wench", "Mighty" and "Jim-Bob" to mention a few.



Next Turkey Bowl XLIII (43rd)

Our next game is tentatively scheduled for, Saturday, November 25, 2023 at 9:00am at Westwood Junior High, 7630 Arapaho Rd, Dallas, Texas

Click here for map


November 27, 2014 - They are almost finished building the new Walmart but still have left the Spanish Village maquis.

July 16, 2013 -  After 100's of people boycotted the building of Wal-Mart the city council decided in favor of building.  Spanish Village was leveled to make way for a new Wal-Mart.

History of Spanish Village

Spanish Village lies in the heart of a well-educated and affluent demographic. Over 365,000 people live within a five mile radius of the center. Within one mile, the average income is nearly $130,000 per year. And that's just the beginning: click here for all the data. (Requires Acrobat Reader)

The customers who visit Spanish Village are highly educated. There are some 30 schools within 2 miles of the center, including UT/Dallas.



 Designs by Captain
GJ's - the time of our lives