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Who Said It?

Terry Opdyke wants us to try to guess who said the following expressions from GJ's?
It's not football anymore is the "Lactic Acid Bowl"
" Damn, nobody waters these  plants but me" 
" Ya gotta admit, that grease trap was just too much fun, gotta beer? 
" No, use Ajax, it cleans better than bleach," 
" Yoda Cruz" 
" Would you like that Wally Style Maam ? "  
" Its a golf lighter, have you ever tried to light a smoke in the bunker at 17 at Indian Creek ?"  
" Just gimme my deliveries"
" I thought "Wally" was just a myth"
" What are You looking at Mister?
" Gus, my mom makes the gravy, and I'll raise you a buck" 
" Don't mess with my hair dude"
" Let me computerize that Dave, it's so much easier" 



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