Cash Register--Long after digital/computerized registers began appearing, we still had our beloved electrical/mechanical NCR job.  Bills and coin rolls were kept in a leatherette bank bag on the shelves below.  You'd enter each item in the register and hit enter each time.  You gave the patron the top part of the check with their number ("we'll call the last two numbers when your order's ready") and put the remaining order on top of two clips on the spinning order wheel on top of the shelves for docked pizza and then spin the order around to face the pizza maker and say "Order up".  At closing, the manager would use the register to print out the receipts of the day neatly categorized for the owner or manager to put in the books, along with voids and such. There was a phone for taking orders on the wall to the right of the register.  The others were on the substation near the twin burners and on the back wall near the time clock.