Salad Bar--Contained a large clear plastic bumpy salad bowl which held a lip-smacking combo of iceberg lettuce and shredded red cabbage and carrots.  Originally there was ranch, italian, bleu cheese and french dressings and such sides as pasta salad, potato (pot) salad, sliced carrots and eggs, bean sprouts, etc.(everybody please chime in for ingredients I've omitted).  The bar was filled with the flaked ice from the drink machine, unless it was on the blink, when bagged ice had to do.  Ice was removed by hand into the bus trays and wiped clean.  Later, Willingstein put a sneeze guard on it.  Against the wall between the bar and the theatre was a counter holding the silverware sorter and napkins.  Behind the salad bar were the steps that led up to the cassette projector.  This held a single cassette of cartoons, old movie shorts, and in the Jost days, porno flicks for the closers.  You could look between the projector lens and the opening in the theatre that i! t pointed through to make sure the image was focused and centered on the screen.  Terry Opdyke adds:Actually, the entire area from where the Salad Bar silverware was stored all the way to the front of the building was elevated. There were 4 small, white, round, metal tables w/ chairs used for additional dining. This area was the known as "the parlor". We used to serve soft-serve ice cream for dessert to our customers.