Theatre--Ahhh, the theatre, one of the favorite places for everyone, patron or employee to hang out.  That's one of the things that made working at GJ so special, even if you weren't working there that day, you'd often drop in to see who was or to relax with a meal or play quarters with beer, or play a few video games, or in the case of the theatre, watch TV (esp. Jeopardy) or one of the movie cassettes.  The theatre had four or five long black formica-topped tables, each on a different level with a long painted-black bench to sit on.  It was fully carpeted and had to be vacuumed each morning (or was it evening?).  The TV was mounted way up high, so it was a bear to change channels or volume.  The TV/Movie volume would be turned off by the pizza cutter to allow him to announce whose order was ready; while necessary, this could irritate patrons trying to follow the TV show/movie.  There were several skinny, tall windows from the theatre to the hallway that passed outsi! de it, so the pizza cutter could sometimes talk directly to someone in the theatre.  When a worker came in from outside, they could glance in each window to see if someone they knew was in there. 

The hall outside the theatre went from the linoleum tile to the original wood slat flooring about halfway down the length.  I think the front of the store used to be wood slats or parquet before, but after too much wear and tear, one of the owners finally replaced it.