The Walk-in (frig)--Across from the dough-rolling table, we'd put the newly-risen dough stacks in here via two doors in the wall, and to take them out again when needed.  The main door allowed you to walk in and access foodstuffs on metal bar shelves.  Huge tupperware containers of pizza sauce and produce bags of sliced provolone cheese were kept on the shelves along with other various produce for the salad bar and sub station.  Once closing procedures were going, the pizza ingredients were transferred from their metal bins to more produce bags and these were collected on trays for storage in here.  The beer kegs (and soda cannisters?) were also kept refrigerated here.  The beer kegs in particular where heavy, cumbersome, cold as hell, and sometimes hard to tap with the hose.  The walk-in had a round lever to push if you were inside so you couldn't get locked in, accidentally or maliciously.  The plan was always to retreat to the walk-in in event of a tornado.