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Bruce McMillin
Last Updated: Febuary 28, 2009

Job at GJ's

Bruce started working at GJ’s summer or fall of 1978 when his sister Cathy (friend of Steph) told him they were hiring.  Filled out the application, was hired on the spot and started working right away.  It took a whole seven days before he got sat down by Steph and told his performance was not up to par.  Wow, his first job and he may be through in one week.  He evidently improved his work ethic enough to keep his job, and not resort to a life of petty crime.  He learned all kind of important stuff such as washing dishes by hand, bussing tables, and the fact that carpet (in the movie theater) can actually be swept with a broom.  Todd Miller was hired next, followed a bit later by Tim Murray as driver, and then Ross.  Bruce lasted two years at Grand Junction and remembers Rosy’s broken nose when he was robbed, Toad’s flipping a knife in the air and catching it by the handle most of the time.  (The nicks in his hands showed us how often he missed.)  And Tim’s Toyota that he drove like a madman.

Bruce liked working at GJ’s so when he left he was hired at Mr. Gatti’s in the Promenade shopping center thinking he would enjoy any work at a pizza place.  He was sorely mistaken.  After two weeks he quit and was hired at JCPenney’s at Prestonwood Mall and had to wear a suit for the next nine months. 



Bruce graduated from LeTourneau College (www.letu.edu) in 1985 as an airplane pilot/mechanic and eventually moved back to the Dallas area to find work.  While in Dallas, he met a newly arrived Californian, Jeni Heald, and they were married in 1988.  By 1990, the two of them moved to Kenya in East Africa to work with a Christian Organization called Africa Inland Mission.  (www.AIMInt.org and www.aimair.org)  They were based in Kenya for eight years and Zaire for three and returned to Dallas in 2001 with three children.  They are now comfortably living in suburbia Carrollton with Brooks in high school, Katelyn in middle school and Andrew in elementary school (as of spring 2009) with all of the associated travel and expenses.

Bruce and Family


Not having many dirt, grass or mud airstrips in the North Texas area, no famines or outbreaks of exotic diseases, Bruce went to work for American Eagle Airlines, the regional feed for American Airlines.  He is now a First Officer (co-pilot) flying the 50 seat Embraer 145 jet. 

In his spare time, he has started a Handy-Man business in the Carrollton, SouthWest Plano area called Creative Solutions – Carrollton. (CSCarrollton@hotmail.com)


Currently attends Hebron Community Church.

Trying to understand my children’s video games, and then beating them…

Other hobbies, see “Work” above (flying and home improvement…)

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