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Doug (Dougals) Conkel
Last Updated: May 22, 2007

Job at GJ's

Doug did everything at GJ from management to delivery driver. 


Doug has been married to the same person since 1990.  He has one boy and two girls.


Doug works at Milliman & Robertson as a Principal & Senior Benefits Consultant. 

Milliman & Robertson is an actuarial firm that provides total retirement services to mid- to large-sized companies that have both defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans. These services include recordkeeping, investment consulting, actuarial, education, consulting and compliance, outsourcing as well as trustee services through Charles Schwab Trust Company.

and his BIO http://www.milliman.com/bios/Conkel_Douglas.pdf


Doug likes to barbeque and play volleyball


GJ's - the time of our lives

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