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James Bonney
Last Updated: December 21, 2006

Job at GJ's

Night crew - bussing, taking orders, cashier, making pizzas, and cussing out customers

Stories (all quotes, really): I got the job at GJ without even interviewing because when I applied Rosie wrote on my application, "Dave, James is a really good guy who hardly ever uses drugs." Dave thought he'd interviewed me.
"James don't turn the pizza sideways!" - Dave's wife (name escapes me).  But hey, what can you expect from a newbie who was hired without an interview?!?
"I can't believe the old guy beat me" - said about me by 17 year old Nathan Opdyke at the GJ Football Game in 1999
Claim to fame: GJ Movie character actor.

I drove my dad's orange International Scout II


I've been married to Amy, my college sweetie, for 11 years and we live in Plano. 


I'm a freelance graphic/web designer.

Bonsai Trees, Fresh-Water Aquariums, and Photography


GJ's - the time of our lives