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Kellyn Ethington-Tolly
Last Updated: May 31, 2007

Job at GJ's


I cleaned the dang walls and tables and cashiered at the Grand Place  in a skirt!!!!!

Drove a Nissan Sentra in the 80's and Jeep Now!!


Live in Commerce, Texas. Yes, married.
Married a Great Guy Gary  he's Air Force Retired. Was in Panama, and the 1st and 2nd Gulf Wars  -  Keeps me in line!  He coaches the kids and is the church treasurer now...

6 (yes, six) children - two his from previous marriage.

Tommy 22, Renee' 20, Roxanne 19, Lyric 18 , Austin 17 and Grace 6.
Tommy and Lyric look like me!!!  Poor things!

I am teaching Sunday school and on the board at church.  Between our activities and children we keep pretty busy!

BS in English  (certifications in Science 1- 8, English 1-12, Special Ed. 1-12)
Currently teaching High School Behaviorally Disturbed Students English/Reading

I love to teach!!  As much as I hated school... I love it now!  I was told once that I teach the unteachable and unlovable.  That must have come from someone with no love and no heart.


 I love to read, paint, draw, work out in yard. Two of my children and I went to Philmonte Boy Scout Camp and hiked 80 miles backpacking!!!

GJ's - the time of our lives

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