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Drake "Mighty" Christensen
Last Updated: November 17, 2006

Job at GJ's

Mighty along with Rosie was also a pizza delivery driver at GJ's.  He drove a yellow '72 Datsun 240Z


Notes from Mighty himself:

The Z's I owned were all 240Zs.  I had two '72s and a '73.  My Z's were
the target of some sort of metaphysical auto-centered search-and-destroy
mission.  I can go on for five minutes about all the things that happened
to them.

My first Z was a '72 that started out an hideous color, a cross between
piss yellow and puke green.  By the time I got to GJ, it had been
repainted cocoa brown.  The day after my birthday it was totalled while I
was on a delivery.  Two heavyset girls in a big American car demolished my
Tiny Japanese Mobile Coffin.

Then I drove the Sport Omega for about a year.

My second Z was also a '72 that was the same hideous piss yellow/puke
green color.  It lasted six months before getting t-boned during a

My third Z was silver '73 with an air dam on the front and double wire
basket rims.  I delivered with it for about two weeks before someone tried
to steal it.

Mighty's brother also likes to play in our GJ Football games.

Mighty was always good at computer programming.  He loved writing in C.  So it's makes sense that he started writing programs for the gaming industry.

My preferred programming language for games is C++.  I'm currently doing
web development in PHP with MySQL for the family business.  I'll probably
get back into game development at some point.


Mighty loved playing strategy games with Rosy.  He even had game going at Rosy's dental office during after work hours.


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