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Ross "Rosy" Miller, DDS
Last Updated: November 17, 2006

Job at GJ's

Rosy was the coolest pizza delivery driver you could imagine.  He had a '71 Chevy Camaro with dark metallic blue-green with a white vinyl top known as the ThrobMaster, a name people understood if they ever stood within a quarter mile of it while it's engine was running.

Girls would order pizzas to just get a glimpse of this beautiful hunk of man.

But besides that he was an avid player of strategy games.  He was famous for building the most realistic models of tanks and airplanes from WWII you have ever seen.  He had a professional airbrush painting system that perfected every piece he did.

Personal Note from Rosy:
What I remember about GJ would fill a couple of hard drives. I worked every position GJ had, night shift for most of it, mostly dayshift during the last year or so. I remember it as a place the employees hung out even when off the clock. Thanks to the coolest boss I ever had, David Willingham, my work situation was always relaxed and fun, yet at the same time we had a work-ethic I've never seen or heard of elsewhere.

The layout of the restaurant was conducive to intimacy with your family/friends/dates, yet staff interacted with customers routinely. It was the classic high school hangout, and I pray my kids luck into something similar when they make their first foray into the working world.


His kids current ages are Hanlon 8, Aidan 6


Rosy is now Dr. Ross Miller, DDS practicing dentistry for over 15 years in Plano, Texas.  Patients say it's his smile and bedside manner that keeps them coming back.


He likes kids, butterfly-collecting, home improvement, PC games (still), and ice hockey.


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