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Russell (Russ) Davis
Last Updated: 7/19/2007

In Memory Of

We lost a friend today. Following a long and often debilitating fight with a malignant brain tumor, Russell Davis passed away earlier today. I spoke with Clarence just a little bit ago, and he said Russ laid down to take a nap and just slipped away. He said he was thankful that Russ was not in any pain at the time, and his passing was very peaceful. Russ is going to be buried in Oklahoma at a private family ceremony.

Rest in peace, Russ.

Russell and his goofy grin will be missed!  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone right now,



Thank you very much for sharing this with me. It is saddening to lose such a great guy.  I remember him delivering pizzas in different corvettes wearing a baseball hat & a HUGE grin all the time. His family will be in my prayers.

with love,

Thanks for including me on this information. I have fond memories of Russ, often with a huge smile on his face, racing out the door to deliver a pizza.  I'd like to extend my deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

Terry Opdyke

Above all else, however, Russ was a devoted friend, who was always willing to help out. He came from a close-knit family that instilled in him a great deal of compassion, loyalty, and respect.

Russ will be missed by many.



Work at GJ

Russell began working at GJ in 1984 and primarily served as a delivery driver. After a year or so, Dave made Russ a manager, and he often split duties between deliveries and typical night manager functions.

Many people remember Russ for his driving prowess and his string of vehicles that were somewhat uncharacteristic of a pizza delivery driver –to say the least. Any given night found Russell delivering pizzas in a supped-up ’77 Camaro, a Corvette, or sometimes a Lincoln Town Car. Pizzas always arrived at their intended destinations with both speed and style.

Russ was also known for his infectious smile. Some would say it was more of a goofy grin; but there is little debate that to see Russ was to see him smiling and laughing. Russ could find the humor in just about everything.

Russell worked at GJ until it was sold in 1987; and if memory serves me correctly, he even put in some time with the subsequent owners.


His parents, Clarence and Kay, and his brother, Richard


After leaving GJ, Russ ventured into a number of different fields. One of his more notable ventures was a string of tint and audio shops that he operated along with his family members. Some years later, Russ became an accomplished network engineer and earned his CCNA while working for Siemens in their network operating center.


It was no secret that Russ was an avid car enthusiast. He spent a great deal of time customizing his cars, which served both his knowledge of automotive engineering and his passion for working with his hands.

A lesser known fact is that Russ was a gifted athlete, and he excelled in soccer, golf, and hockey. While Russ was usually not the biggest player on the field or ice, he was usually one of the fastest (not to mention completely fearless). The latter making him one of the better defenders with whom I played.

Russ also enjoyed spending time outdoors, and his expertise with a fishing rod was only surpassed by his skills with a firearm. Russ was a crack shot, and he could master virtually any firearm given him.


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