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Last Updated: December 12, 2006

Job at GJ's

From Todd own lips:

Lets see I worked at GJ from about late 83 till the store closed. I drove the coolest car ever, 1972 El Camino . I actually found a picture of the exact colors. I remember interviewing with both Dave and Terry and got the job because of Tim, who worked there also. I worked every position up to and including Manager of both GJ stores, remember Carrolton!! Like Rosy, The stories I could tell!!!! .


1972 El Camino


I have been married and divorced twice, although I have been dating the same women for the last seven years (I know)



I have been at EY (Ernst & Young) for almost 8 years now as a Accounting Analyst I (AP/AR). Before that I worked at the paint store down from GJ, Roach Paint. It was bought out by Glidden then ICI Paints. I worked for them for about 10 years and worked on getting my Accounting degree.

Reading, PC games-fantasy and strategy, golf (sometimes when I can afford it), skiing (same), travel (same), cooking

Arlene (the girl friend) and Todd in 2004

Todd, Missy, Dan, and Jack (Todd's Sister)


Todd and Jack (Todd's nephew)

GJ's - the time of our lives

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