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Dale "The Captain" Conkel
Last Updated: Nov 25, 2009

Disco Dale

Job at GJ's

The "Captain" worked his way through High School and College at Grand Junction Pizza from 1979 to 1986.  He did everything: Cook, Washer, Driver, Night Manager, Prep, Cash Register, cutting table, and Drinks. 

His favorite thing to do was announcing over the intercom when people's pizza was ready to pickup.  With his announcer voice, he would say "Number 23, number 23, your pizza is ready".  The patrons loved it and told him he need to go into the radio business.

When the work was over the fun began.  He would always make a medium pizza and pour a pitcher of beer to finish the night off before going home.  There was always a late night B movie after midnight to watch until 2-3am.

Captains brother "Doug" worked at GJ's too.

His special talent was chugging a pitcher of beer in less than 15 seconds.  Captain was on the photography staff at JJ Pearce High School and took pictures for the Annual and the Pony Express Newspaper.  His favorite car was his 1978 Fiat Spider convertible which he used to use as a prop to take pictures of JJ Pearce High School cheerleaders.  He loved that car so much after he had sold it he still had dreams about it.

Dale gets born-again!

In May 1986 after years of partaking of the dark side he received Jesus Christ into his life and made Him Lord of his life.  He attended (Shady Grove Church) in Grand Prairie from 1986 to 2008 serving Jesus as a Men's Ministry leader and a leader of BizLife, a Christian businessperson's lunch group.

From 2008 to present Dale's family is attending Highpoint Church in Arlington, Texas.  He is starting a Touchpoint Fellowship group at his home starting Jan 2009. 

In 2007 at EDS he helped start the EDS Christian Fellowship (ECF).  At end of 2008 ECF has over 359 members in 16 countries around the world.

HP Christian Fellowship

In September 2009 several EDS/Compaq Christian leaders got together to merge EDS with Compaq (HP) into one huge group called HP Christian Fellowship (HPCF).  We now have 1070+ members in 23 countries.  We have a SharePoint webpage on HP's corporate servers now too.  Praise God for bringing us all together.


April, Ben, Teresa, Dale & Mark

The "Captain" is married to Teresa his wife since 1994 and has two handsome boys, Mark born in 1999 and Ben born in 1995.

Teresa and him were married at Shady Grove Church where they met.  Teresa is a wonderful flute player and she entranced him with her melodies during worship one Spring day in 1994 and the rest is history.

Teresa is a Piano teacher in the Suzuki method in her Suzuki Piano Basics of Arlington studio and part time voice teacher in Arlington ISD Junior Highs.


The "Captain" has worked at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) from 1997 to present as a Infrastructure Specialist.  He has held a variety of positions while there: Help Desk, Microsoft Systems Engineer, Project Manager, and Architect.  From 2004 to 2007 manages a web server implementation for a Business Intelligence platform at 7-Eleven corporation. 

In 2008 Dale started a new job at EDS in the Healthcare division working as a Systems Administrator for the Commonwealth of Kentucky Medicaid system.  EDS is now an HP Company. Currently working at GM Financial since 2018.

Dale's Resume


The "Captain" loves to hike in parks, sail sailboats, and travel.  He likes to create custom web pages and program computers


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